The pathology of melanoma: an international course - Online version
The pathology of melanoma: an international course
Melanoma course

International Course on the Pathology of Melanoma in Paris:
some places are still available!

This upcoming Second Annual International Course on the Pathology of Melanoma will provide updates on very important subjects:

  • The new 4th Edition WHO Classification of Melanocytic Skin Tumours.
    Six members of this WHO Classification Working Group will be speakers in the Course (Pr. Raymond Barnhill, Pr. Boris Bastian, Pr. David Elder, Dr. Arnaud de la Fouchardière, Pr. Richard Scolyer and Pr. Arthur Zembowicz).
  • Melanoma Pathology Assessment and Treatment Hierarchy (MPATH-Dx) for Diagnosis of Cutaneous Melanocytic Neoplasms.
    This National Cancer Institute grant has been renewed and concerns the use of standardized pathological classification of melanocytic lesions. The goal of this large study is to optimize pathology reporting and management of patients with melanocytic skin lesions. Two members of the MPATH Study, Prs. Raymond Barnhill and David Elder, will discuss in depth the practical interpretation and classification of difficult melanocytic lesions.
  • Practical immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics of melanocytic lesions will be discussed in depth (Pr. Boris Bastian and Dr. Arnaud de la Fouchardière).
  • International Melanoma Pathology Study Group (IMPSG).
    Members of IMPSG are speakers in this Second International Course on Melanoma Pathology and will discuss the latest perspectives in dealing with difficult melanocytic lesions.
  • Uveal Melanoma.
    Latest updates on uveal melanoma will also be presented.
    (Prs. Raymond Barnhill and Laurence Desjardins)

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